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They have to live with their family name for the rest of their lives, for good or bad.

In some cases, the children of dictators of war criminals have done all they can to break with their dark past. But sometimes they go the other way, refusing to condemn their parents, no matter what atrocities they might have committed. So, from the doting daughters of Nazi mass murderers and the pampered sons of African tyrants to the offspring who have tried to make amends for their dark past, here we have 20 cases of children struggling to live with infamous relatives:.

Beautiful, graceful, athletic and well-spoken: Edda Mussolini was presented as the ideal Fascist woman. However, their relationship went from being one of mutual admiration to being strained and then broken completely. Edda was born to Mussolini and Rachele Guidi in Her parents did not marry for another 15 years, by which point her father was making a name for himself as a political agitator.

I ladled kabocha onto my plate. I lifted a forkful to my lips. The irritable, discordant clanging of my thoughts shushed.

Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Daughter of Smoke & Bone: Book 3)

A blanketing solace buzzed over the harsh edges of my appetite, becoming silent and orderly. I was not born into a faith tradition.

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In Japan, I attended a Lutheran kindergarten and, as a result, my parents converted to Christianity. In middle and high school, I identified as an Evangelical Christian. In college, I was an atheist-leaning agnostic, though I attended a Friday night bible study because the families who hosted always made dinner, and I was sick of the dining hall. The summer after I graduated, I lived alone in Japan for a few months, and as a result, became a wonky sort of Catholic. I am not a Biblical scholar or theologian, but a woman who has always been interested in women in the Bible and the ways that they can act as a dialogue, a window onto a different question or thought tangled up inside of my faith and myself.

In the case of Eve, this question is one of hunger and the ways it has been essentially tied to womanhood.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor • NOVL

Genesis Eve is cursed with desire bound together with her hunger, as if to say the punishment for wanting is to keep wanting. In this way, ideas of desire and hunger, propriety and sin become tied together. I find myself reflecting on other women depicted as monstrous for their hunger; Pandora and her box, Snow White and her apple. Which is to say, a just, good, decent woman is a woman who is free of any type of hunger, be it physical hunger for food, hunger as desire, or hunger as ambition.

Conversely, a woman sickened with sin is one who is riddled with said hungers, reduced to a gaping mouth never satisfied. On a logical level, I can write these words and know they are untrue, that women should be able to want with ferocity or timidity without it bearing on their worth as human.

I tried so very hard to quell all of my hungers: for attention, to be gazed at, for adulthood—confusing in its juxtaposition for my hunger to remain a child. I tried to quiet a clamoring hunger to belong, to be a friend in the most tantalizing casual way the other children related with each other. I memorized worship songs like exorcising hymns and begged my parents for a purity ring, convinced that the blonde-blue-eyed church-going girls would befriend me in an act of charity, and that their cardboard company would keep me from a nascent sexual appetite.

12. What Was Alan Jonah's Motivation For Helping Emma Russell?

I went to youth group. I attended church camp in the furthest northern corner of Michigan, even working in the camp kitchens through high school, my teeth stretched into a rictus of a smile as I attempted to quash the heel-dragging discontent I felt lying in the bunks at night, everyone else snoring around me.

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I wanted love, devotion, lust. I was hungry for eyes on me, hungry to be approved of, hungry to be powerful, exceptional, beautiful, all the while fearing that these hungers made me unnatural and beastly, exactly what should not be loved or desired. I felt feverish in how much I wanted, and feverish in how much I feared these wants would doom me in the same way it did Eve.

She cares about justice, and maybe her own ambitions, more than the ramifications of her actions. Meanwhile, back in the late s, this desolate and hardscrabble country is facing an existential crisis.

The Boer War, between the British and the Dutch-descended Afrikaners, has placed native South Africans under the oppressive yoke of both groups. Atrocities are committed by both sides, and good people become ineffectual bystanders or reluctant participants. One group of Afrikaner girls is captured and subjected to abuse at the hands of a brutal mercenary and a doctor whose genetic experimentations foreshadow those of Joseph Mengle.

The results of his experimentations are Tessa and Ben, two unnaturally long-lived children with strikingly pale hair and eyes. The rest of the novel flashes among Alet, Tessa, Ben, and a few side characters. Alet is initially focused on the murder, but she slowly begins to realize that the case reverberates through the past and has ties that may be uncomfortably close to home.

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Tessa is adopted by an interracial family and sees firsthand the destructive nature of racism, classism, and nationalism. She is forced to watch as her loved ones are stripped away from her while she continues to live, despite the senseless violence that never seems to change or end.