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Jul 26, This year's northern-hemisphere summer has seen a succession of heatwaves take and the Daily Mail – although the Mail's print version did not include the part that said .. “I remember the long, hot British summer of – well, The Financial Times carried a spoof “diary of a sweaty climate change.
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But most of Sweden would probably welcome an end to the heatwave. Firefighters are still battling wildfires of around 25, hectares , and farmers are struggling to feed their animals in the drought. It's been just over a year since Stockholm first released an open letter inviting people from far and wide to the city.

Diaries part one: the hottest summer (German Edition)

The invitation still stands, whoever you are and wherever you're from. Sweden's news in English Search. Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center. Jobs in Sweden Browse jobs Post a vacancy. Email newsletters Newsletter sign-up Edit my subscriptions. Other pages Social events Property market Noticeboard Discussion forum. Sweden heatwave: hottest July in at least years The Local. Share this article. Stockholmers trying to stay cool in the heat.

The month of July is not even over yet, and it is already breaking heatwave records. Popular articles Here are the new laws that came into force in Sweden in July Five reasons English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages Why do the Swedes take such long summer holidays? Passenger brings Denmark-Sweden train to emergency stop after realizing he was 'going the wrong way' How you can use the summer to break into the Swedish job market.

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Why moving to Sweden is the perfect time to give your health a check. Five unusual things you can do in Malta. Swede arrested in UK for suspected terror offence: reports. Here are the new laws that came into force in Sweden in July. Why do the Swedes take such long summer holidays? Have your say: Should Sweden subsidize interpreters for non-native speakers? Weather: What happened to summer, Sweden? Five delicious food halls to visit in Stockholm.

Related articles What you need to know about public transport disruption in Stockholm this summer. Swedish word of the day: utedass. Sweden just had its hottest day of the year so far. Want to escape Europe's 40C heatwave? Head to Sweden.

He sat in solemn dignity, making faces over his bow, and patting his foot with an emphasis that shook the floor. We gave him five dollars a night; that was his price.

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His mistress never refused to let him play for any party. He had stable-boys in abundance. He was far above any physical fear for his sleek and well-fed person. How majestically he scraped his foot as a sign that he was tuned up and ready to begin! Now he is a shabby creature indeed. He must have felt his fallen fortunes when he met me - one who knew him in his prosperity. He ran away, this stately yellow gentleman, from wife and children, home and comfort. My Molly asked him "Why? Miss Liza was good to you, I know.

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Governor Moore brought in, to be presented to me, the President of the Alabama Convention. It seems I had Page 16 known him before he had danced with me at a dancing-school ball when I was in short frocks, with sash, flounces, and a wreath of roses. He was one of those clever boys of our neighborhood, in whom my father 1 saw promise of better things, and so helped him in every way to rise, with books, counsel, sympathy. I was enjoying his conversation immensely, for he was praising my father I without stint, when the Judge came in, breathing fire and fury.

Congress has incurred his displeasure. We are abusing one another as fiercely as ever we have abased Yankees. It is disheartening. March 10th. Childs was here to-night Mary Anderson, from Statesburg , with several children. She is lovely.

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Her hair is piled up on the top of her head oddly. Fashions from France still creep into Texas across Mexican borders. Childs is fresh from Texas. Her husband is an artillery officer, or was. They will be glad to promote him here. Childs had the sweetest Southern voice, absolute music. But then, she has all of the high spirit of those sweet-voiced Carolina women, too. Then Mr. Browne came in with his fine English accent, so pleasant to the ear. Lincoln means to economize. She at once informed the majordomo that they were poor and hoped to save twelve thousand dollars every year from their salary of twenty thousand.

Browne said Mr. Buchanan's farewell was far more imposing than Lincoln's inauguration. The people were so amusing, so full of Western stories. He favored Nullification, and in was elected United States Senator from South Carolina, but resigned three years afterward in consequence of ill health. In he removed to Mississippi and engaged in cotton growing.

Spotlight on Green News & Views: It was the hottest July ever in , , , , ​​​

Page 17 Dr. Boykin behaved strangely. All day he had been gaily driving about with us, and never was man in finer spirits.

To-night, in this brilliant company, he sat dead still as if in a trance. Once, he waked somewhat - when a high public functionary came in with a present for me, a miniature gondola, "A perfect Venetian specimen," he assured me again and again. In an undertone Dr. Boykin muttered: "That fellow has been drinking.

Some of these great statesmen always tell me the same thing - and have been telling me the same thing ever since we came here. A man came in and some one said in an undertone, "The age of chivalry is not past, O ye Americans! After that the Senate would have none of him; his chance was gone forever. March 11th.

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