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I've created some multilingual parallel texts.

Under each paragraph I'm slowly adding annotations to help language learners. So what do my annotations look like? A bit like this:. I seated myself in his armchair and warmed my hands before his crackling fire, for a sharp frost had set in, and the windows were thick with the ice crystals. Pretty cool eh? Except it's taking me hundreds of hours to do it! The four languages that I've aligned paragraph by paragraph in four side by side columns are: English, French, Spanish and German. So far I've finished aligning two short stories from the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and I'm half way through a third one.

Use the links below to get to them. They will open new tabs in you browser as these parallel texts are contained on my French site. Don't worry, they are not pop ups does this look like a porn site? Hi, welcome to my site. As you progress in Spanish your avatar will do Still, the rest of my site's actually quite good so please use to heart's content. This link will take you to my menu page of free parallel texts I've created.

There are not so many but it's the quality that counts, not the quantity. I just got owned. But like the good stiff-lipped Brit that I am, I shall do nothing but bow down to a superior effort whilst muttering, without even the slightest of bitterness lacing my words, "Good game. Let's talk straight, this is a site containing literature in the form of well aligned parallel texts. The ones you are interested in are the Spanish-English ones of which there are plenty.

The link above will take you to the menu page. NOTE: The text size is a tad on the small side. NOTE: There should be a similar device with other web browsers. NOTE: This also works for my site!

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If the above site didn't exist then, for free online Spanish-English parallel texts, Farkas's site would have been THE place to go. As it stands, it is still worth a visit as there are bilingual novels here that are not available in Miguel's. Below is a linked list of what are, in my probably not so humble opinion, the top three does three count as a list? NOTE: You may be able to download these parallel texts for your e-reader.

I couldn't tell you for certain: I followed the instructions but failed completely. This is the one for you. NOTE: for this one you have to download files found after scrolling three quarters of the way down the linked page and then unzip them. I can't guarantee that they are free of nasties but I have done it for the Spanish French and German files and so far my laptop hasn't exploded. NOTE: There are lots of aligned texts in each file: however, quite a number of them contravene copyright laws. I personally didn't know they contained such texts before unzipping them. Which ones are a bit dodgy?

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Well, the age of the original text is a good guide. If in doubt, search for the original text on the internet. If it seems freely available then it has probably gone past the author's rights date in the US, which seems to be becoming the watershed mark for internet texts. WARNING: just because the original text is free of rights, that doesn't necessarily mean the same for the translation which could have been done much later. But not yet!

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T his site is fairly new: It puts free classic literature on line in their original language. Nothing new in that? Well, it then allows users to make annotations grammar notes, translations, interesting comments.. At the moment this aids only very accomplished language learners but if they add a parallel text in the target language then the whole thing could become VERY USEFUL to all stages of learning.

Cuban and Mexican Songs

T his is another new site for bilingual texts and is very interesting indeed. As far as I can tell it is free, so that's a good start. So what does it do? It puts literature online in such a way that one can choose a pair of languages from a fairly wide group and see the chosen text appear as a parallel text in the opted languages.

It then relies on user imput to align the paragraphs. First thing to know; being new there are not many bilingual texts with actual aligned paragraphs. I did not really take the time to look but with the first three stories that I looked at none of the paragraphs were alligned. Second thing to know: Once signed in and in editor mode, alligning the paragraphs is simple, quick and intuitive. Essentially you pick and drop the paragraphs and you dont have to do each one: just one every three or four where texts start to separate. Of course, this made me cry as I makes my parallel texts using copy and paste which takes twenty times more time.

Third thing to know: you don't need to be that fluent to align a text and if you are stuck you can copy and paste a word into an online dual language dictionary kept open in another window. Why do this: you will learn much quicker by aligning a parallel text than simply reading a well aligned parallel text.

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  5. Last Comment: If ever Tailored Texts and Weblitera join forces than I can't see the point in carrying on with what I'm doing at the moment. J ust recently discovered this site and wow, what a collection of bilingual texts it has. Poems and very short stories mostly it seems This link should take you directly to the menu for these texts. The collections seems to be free and formed of classic literature which has gone past the date of the authors rights.

    I'm certainly going to take a look myself! Also, seems to have audio for the texts as well. Personal request: Pleeeese separate the audio into paragraphs and put the said fragments under each corrosponding paragraph. At least like that you can read one paragraph and then listen to the audio for it while it is fresh in the mind. NOTE: the lady who reads the texts in Spanish does it at a very reasonable speed very relaxing with the music behind it and that and it is all good quality stuff but her introductions are just way too long.

    You end up trying to guess skip to the real start of the audio but hey, it's free and there is not much like it elsewhere so what's to grumble.

    Sin Ti versión en español Harry Nilsson

    There are only 4 stories on there so far but they are good ones including the Metamorphosis and the Hound of the Baskervilles and I imagine there will be more on the way. Occasionally there is kind of audio available, but there is no way to change the text size and style like with Weblitera. In summary: one to watch. For others, press the R in the top left hand corner, then press library in the menu bar, then public texts in the second menu bar, and tick songs in the the third bar.

    All that remains is to scroll down and choose a song. Simple as. T he more I look into Readlang the more I like it. What's great about that? Well, if you click on any word it will tell you it's meaning well, most of the time and this gave me reason enough tenuous though it may be to stick it in my linked list of free parallel texts. The thing is, it works really well. You don't have to stop the music video if you come across a word that you don't know as pop songs tend to have enough natural pauses and repetition to give you the time to click on the said word and read the translation without losing your place too much.

    But even if you do, to help you out, there is a dual function to this system which I find flippin fantastic: By changing from the translation to the play function tabs to the topish left in the kareoke player bit you can make the video start on the word you press on.

    This is Readlang also struggles with some of the more complicated verb conjugations as well as reflexive verbs. It also can have difficulty with expressions but the click and drag thing i. Last note: don't let these small complaints stop you from using this powerful free tool. It really is the bees knees. Please solve this Mr Readlang I know you'll be checking your backlinks!

    N ice little site, if a little rough around the edges Ha! Two texts caught my eye: Dracula by Bram stoker damn, I wanted to do that one, though I'm now trying to stick to short stories myself and Oscar Wilde's Portrait of Dorian Grey. NOTE: that they've completed neither, but just use what's there and stop grumbling: it's free remember.

    Imaani - Wikipedia

    The stories are short, simple and don't date from the 19th Century. This makes them about as rare as rocking horse poo. Will look into this a bit more and come back to you. G reat site if you want to learn many languages for free using bilingual stories. It uses about eight specifically written very basic short stories which get put side by side with the same stories written in many different languages.

    Being intentionally basic, don't expect a thrilling adventure but that's not the point really.